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The Eliminators - Liverpool, Dragsters, Cycles, And Surfingdot
artworkWell, yeah. Proof positive great players can just punch the time clock.

Buzz Cason (aka Gary Miles), Leon Russell (piano, session leader), Joe Osborn (bass), Bobby Morris (guitar, ex-Champs), Tommy Allsup (lead guitar), James Burton (guitar), Jerry McKenzie (drums), and Keith Allison (harmonica, bass).
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Track by Track Review

The Challenger dotdotdot
Hot Rod (Instrumental)

A rough glissando opens this tuff enough instro. Choppy almost "Flamingo Express" keyboard-guitar duet rhythm track, reverbed lead guitar that sounds like Billy Strange, but is session player Tommy Allsop, and drag racing sound effects. It's a cross between studio cheese and guitar charm.

500 C.C.
Hot Rod (Instrumental)

"500 C.C." is a piano instro with a basic back beat. Little more than a progression with some noodling guitar.

Hill Climb Hilda
Hot Rod (Instrumental)

The bikes climb the slope, the drums bump, the guitar progresses minimally, and pretty soon, repetition sets in. By the time the bridge comes, it's dominated by console organ jamming. Completely dismissible.

Lonely Surf Guitar dot
Hot Rod (Instrumental)

The water breaks on the shore, the vibrato distortion guitar plays a surf-free riff, and the backtrack oozes anything but surf. Then, the overbearing chorus comes in... egad... are the Swingle Singers in the hall?! On the other hand, the melody line could actually be developed into a surf tune.

Surfing Iguana
Hot Rod (Instrumental)

With a "The Way You Do The Things You Do" backbeat, "Surfing Iguana" never develops beyond a backtrack. Directionless.

Malibu Wipe-Out dot
Hot Rod (Instrumental)

Damped fly weight chunk, promising vibrato guitar, and a nature boy flute... black belt fluff.