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Elektron - STdotdotdot
artworkThis totally obscure release shows some interesting things about the period. the performance are very low volume, almost as if the engineer was afraid the rock'n'roll side of it was too dangerous, or maybe he thought the sound would leak out and complaints would land him in the gulag. In any event, there are some surprisingly interesting tacks here ripe for real surf treatment.
Picks: Luchsii Gorod Zemli, Da, Vernis, Rannee Utro, Chtyre Orbity, Vechernie Teni, Veselye Turisty, Solnechnye Chasy, Sherburgskie Zontiki, Dom Voshodyaschego, Novyi Tanets, Posmotri

Track by Track Review

Luchsii Gorod Zemli dotdot
Russian Pre-Surf (Instrumental)

This single is pretty darn commercial, much like Buddy Merrill and others, with cheesy chorus and easy listening low energy. Definitely not designed to challenge the status quo.

Da dotdot
Russian Pre-Surf (Instrumental)

"Da" borders on silly, as many non-rock guitar instros did in the fifties. It's all about being cute in a sugar sweet way.

Vernis dotdotdot
Russian Pre-Surf (Instrumental)

This is a second version of Alberto Dominguez' "Perfidia." It's much less cheesy, having more edge and a dryer sound. My guess is that there is some influence from The Ventures in this one.

Rannee Utro dotdotdot
Russian Pre-Surf (Instrumental)

"Rannee Utro" is a slow haunted number with lots of chamber reverb on the lead guitar. The melody is flowing and easy to enjoy. Overall, it's a light weight track, but very pleasant.

Chtyre Orbity dotdotdot
Russian Pre-Surf (Instrumental)

Pumping organ, gimmicky guitar slides, a rockabilly existence, and mall organ. Mostly cheesy, yet there's something compelling about this, in a demented way. You can imagine it all surfed up because its melody is of the riff structure of a mildly delivered "Surf Bunny" (Gene Gray and his Stingrays).

Vechernie Teni dotdot
Russian Pre-Surf (Instrumental)

This is a very light weight number with a samba kinda rhythm. Quite unimpressive.

Veselye Turisty dotdotdot
Russian Pre-Surf (Instrumental)

Like a cross between The Ventures and Buddy Merrell, "Veselye Turisty" can't decide if it want to be a rocker of an easy listening wizard.

Solnechnye Chasy dotdotdot
Russian Pre-Surf (Instrumental)

"Solnechnye Chasy" is an odd track that seems to imply Dick Dale's rhythm to "Don't Stop Now," which he morphed from "A Swingin' Affair." No, it's not really tonally like that, but there's something in its character that connects in the same way. Pretty cool!

Sherburgskie Zontiki dotdotdot
Russian Pre-Surf (Instrumental)

"Sherburgskie Zontiki" is a slow song with a delicate and pretty melody. Totally easy, with tremolo lead guitar. It's haunting like some of the trembling Ventures tracks from their In Space period.

Dom Voshodyaschego dotdotdot
Russian Pre-Surf (Instrumental)

"Dom Voshodyaschego" is a cover of "House Of The Rising Sun." It's moody and low key. There are some stinging whammy chords, though their pretty buried in the background, almost as if the engineer was afraid of them.

Novyi Tanets dotdot
Russian Pre-Surf (Instrumental)

This is totally goofy, almost like game show music.

Posmotri dotdotdot
Russian Pre-Surf (Instrumental)

While fairly restrained, the guitar lines here are very engaging and the pace spunky. You can imagine this at some real volume being pretty darn cool.