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The Electrolux Combo - Beat Party!dotdotdot
artworkThe Electrolux Combo are not surf. They play instrumentals in the vein of the King-Federal label and Las Vegas sounds of the fifties. The music is well recorded and full bodied. Excellent party sounds, and just good fun any time. "Buzzsaw Twist" is worth the price of admission all by itself.
Picks: Cozy Corner, Drums A Go-Go, Slow Shift, The Rise And Fall Of Flingel Bunt, Cubano Jump Aka Hey Miss Tina, Louisiana Hop, Party Stomp, One Mint Julep, Breakin' Up, Pot Likker, Twine Time, Beat Party, Heads Up, Buzzsaw Twist

Track by Track Review

Cozy Corner dotdotdot
Early Rock (Instrumental)

Impala's saucy "Cozy Corner" is very nicely done. It's a pumpin' riff rocker with sax and guitar not unlike Pacific Northwest rockers of the early sixties.

Drums A Go-Go dotdotdotdot
Early Rock (Instrumental)

Paul Buff and Sandy Nelson wrote this ditty, and it was covered by a whole lotta artists in its day. Sandy Nelson (of course), the Ventures, the Hollywood Persuaders, and many more. It's also been updated numerous times, including by the Mermen. This is a solid and very cool version. Great drums and percussion.

Slow Shift dotdotdot
Early Rock (Instrumental)

East LA's Romancers donated this tune to the cause. This is a solid, if not terribly remarkable version. However, the sax is quite magical at times.

The Rise And Fall Of Flingel Bunt dotdotdot
Early Rock (Instrumental)

There are a billion versions of "The Rise And Fall Of Flingel Bunt" out there. It's refreshing to hear it translated into the early rock/R&B idiom. Not a barn-burner, but very cool in an undulating sort of way.

Cubano Jump Aka Hey Miss Tina dotdotdot
Early Rock (Instrumental)

Ike Turner's nifty little number seems a natural for the Electrolux Combo's sound. Honkin' and guitarin' and bassin' and drummin'... all just as needed. Quite nicely done.

Louisiana Hop dotdotdot
Early Rock (Instrumental)

An annoying hum mars an otherwise nice little track that has that dockside hi-hat thing going on. Fun and pumpin' cool.

Party Stomp dotdotdot
Early Rock (Instrumental)

"Party Stomp" is borrowed from the illusive Egyptians, who's version may be dirtier, but isn't any cooler. This is very cool. Saucy sax and sultry guitar.

One Mint Julep dotdotdot
Early Rock (Instrumental)

"One Mint Julep" has appeared on more record sides than I can count... everyone from Ray Charles to the Wailers did it back in its time. This is pretty true to the period, and suitable cute.

Breakin' Up dotdotdot
Early Rock (Instrumental)

The Fabulous Continentals's little squirter "Breakin' Up" is done with a little less silly and a little more cool oomph. The laughs are there, and the charm too.

Pot Likker dotdotdotdot
Early Rock (Instrumental)

Before there was Booker T. and the MG's, there were a number of combos that played soul stirrin' grooves with more lurid emotion than was decent. "Pot Likker" was one of those intros. Among others, Washboard Bill with Mickey Baker and King Curtis did it oh-so cooly. This has lots of soul and charm in a cheesy Vegas kinda way.

Twine Time dotdotdot
Early Rock (Instrumental)

The familiar version of "Twine Time" is from Alvin Cash and the Crawlers. The Electrolux Combo do it justice by cooling it down considerably. Groovy and greasy.

Beat Party dotdotdot
Early Rock (Instrumental)

Portraying the beat generation reasonably well, the Electrolux Combo have smoothed and enriched Richie and the Squires' catchy little number. The melody is excellent.

Heads Up dotdotdotdot
Early Rock (Instrumental)

Freddy King's "Heads Up" has been surfed up many times (Lively Ones, etc.). The boys do a really nice cover with very tasteful guitar and honky sax, and moody bass. The drums are great!

Buzzsaw Twist dotdotdotdotdot
Early Rock (Instrumental)

"Buzzsaw Twist" is a solid rocker. Great drums! Hot guitar, honkin' sax, and blue bass drive this fine track mightily. This is thoroughly infectious. Did I mention the drums? Beefy, groovy, and very well suited for a highway drive.