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The Electric Firebirds - Dance Party Timedotdotdot
artworkI'm guessing that Jerry Cole played lead guitar on this record, partly via what sounds like his phrasing, and also because one of his compositions from The Animated Egg sessions is here under yet another title. The lead guitar tone is surf, and the playing is very liquid. Jerry Cole fans will dig this album, and it's also pretty surfy, given its 1969 release.
Picks: Heavy, Out Of Town, Woodstock Hour, Nice And Easy, Let's Make It, Live Cream, Electric Fireworks

Track by Track Review

Heavy dotdotdot
Post Surf Soft Rock (Instrumental)

"Heavy" is anything but. It uses the bridges from "Manhattan Spiritual," but has a very noodly melody line. Liquid post-surf tone lead guitar over dry rhythm, bass and drums. The piano is pretty nice, though it seems late sixties instead of surf. This is, after all, from 1969. Not particularly melodic, but very pleasant nonetheless.

Doors Time dotdotdot
Post Surf Soft Rock (Instrumental)

Expecting musical references to The Doors from the title, but they are only tangentially here via a progression liberated from the LA Woman album. No melody, just jam chops.

Out Of Town dotdotdot
Post Surf Soft Rock (Instrumental)

Also called "Where Were You In 1982?" (101 Strings) and "Dark" (The Animated Egg), this is a cleaner, less psychedelic rendering, and flighty in a soft jazz sort of way. Its flippant melody line actually works pretty well like this. There is some crisp spring reverb heard.

Woodstock Hour dotdotdot
Post Surf Soft Country (Instrumental)

This is a country-like rolling number with some borrowed licks and a nice melody. The break is just a jam.

Nice And Easy dotdotdot
Post Surf Soft Rock (Instrumental)

"Nice And Easy" does move in an easy country mood. It's really very pretty - maybe even surprisingly so. It won't drive your board, but it's well suited for an evening or moonlight surfing.

Let's Make It dotdotdot
Post Surf Soft Rock (Instrumental)

Cool bass, drums, and piano run below some derivative Bo Diddley guitar licks laid down in reverb. The double picked Diddley lines are very good. Otherwise, it's a bit too jammy to really rock.

Live Cream dotdotdotdot
Post Surf Soft Rock (Instrumental)

Prom music with reverb and coastal charm. A bit if pomp and ceremony, with a simple and effective melody riff. "Live Cream" is really very nice.

Moon Right On dotdotdot
Post Surf Soft Country (Instrumental)

Slow and bluesy, with some guitar slither that's just a little too gimmicky to really work. The piano links in classic fifties style.

Troubled Earth dotdotdot
Post Surf Soft Country (Instrumental)

This is a light country song with a pleasant sound and easy melody. The opening to "Troubled Earth" is liberated from "Space Odyssey" (101 Strings, The Animated Egg), and "Sure Listic (Really Got It Bad)" (The Animated Egg), though the rest of the song is different.

Electric Fireworks dotdotdot
Post Surf Soft Rock (Instrumental)

The rhythm track and some melody components are from "If I Had A Hammer," and the lovely surf whammy guitar suggests island getaways. "Electric Fireworks" is a gentle and fun track that's very pleasant.