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Electric Gurus - Acid Beach Party For Mutant Zombiesdotdotdotdot
artworkWhat I find interesting about the way the Electric Gurus approach this genre is their use of melody not unlike the way proper rock instros and surf are written, coupled with an actual song structure with verses and arrangement changes in all the expected places. This ends up making their industrial music warm and engaging instead of stark and cold.
Picks: Let's Get Crazy, Somnambulistic Dance By Oneself, Cemetery Boogie, Micro, Snake Dance, Slow Fight By Ascending Trajectory, F***ing Carelessness, Summer Time, Vinyl Vanilla, Emptiness, World Domination, Madness, Disco Western

Track by Track Review

Let's Get Crazy dotdotdotdot
Inventive Industrial (Instrumental)

Like a mutant ska workout, "Let's Get Crazy" meanders through nontraditional soundscapes with pumping transitions and thumping bass. No, it's not ska, but the horns have that kind of feeling about them.

Somnambulistic Dance By Oneself dotdotdot
Inventive Industrial (Instrumental)

Whirring organ and tweaky electronics with a tribal machine beat seem to call to the jungle where robots are assembled by the maniacal mange-iacs.

Cemetery Boogie dotdotdotdot
Inventive Industrial (Instrumental)

"Cemetery Boogie" is a song brought forward from the Vivisectors that's been remixed and recut a number of times. Here, the surfisms survive, but the overall take becomes large and thundering dangerous in a sub-trance industrial kind of way. Quite inventive and very cool!

Micro dotdotdotdot
Inventive Industrial (Instrumental)

A whirring swirl of circuit rhythms and keys above a muted chorded sequence combine for an intriguing melange of sound and time. There's a sequence in the middle where the keys remind me of Hawkwind's "Reggae Thing." Quite engaging.

Snake Dance dotdotdot
Inventive Industrial (Instrumental)

A charmless and dangerous aural introduction leads to a Middle Eastern melody and futurist strangeness with surf guitar. "Snake Dance" is odd, yet compelling and fluid.

Slow Fight By Ascending Trajectory dotdotdot
Inventive Industrial (Instrumental)

"Slow Fight By Ascending Trajectory" is perhaps the least endearing track on this release, with a relatively stark sound and arrangement. That said, the guitar chords and the motion sense seem to keep it from becoming dis-interesting.

F***ing Carelessness dotdotdot
Inventive Industrial (Instrumental)

Like seventies soul strained and regenerated by Mr. Spock, this is a circulating urban popster that's been taken over by machines in heat.

Summer Time dotdotdotdotdot
Inventive Industrial (Instrumental)

This is George Gershwin's super-classic "Summertime" brought to the machines of the night. It brought a grin when I realized what it was. Tweaky and rave targeted, yet a real song with real verses and real arranging. Whoa!

Vinyl Vanilla dotdotdot
Inventive Industrial (Instrumental)

"Vinyl Vanilla" is mostly about the mix and the minimalism of the progression. The organ and wah-wah-like notes are kinda cheesy, but sandwiched between the trance segments. Quite fun.

Emptiness dotdotdot
Inventive Industrial (Instrumental)

Pulsing and throbbing, "Emptiness" is stark, but not empty. Bent guitar notes and a relentless progression presenting a barren landscape.

World Domination dotdotdot
Inventive Industrial (Instrumental)

If you were to industrialize a surf song, you might end up here. Parts of "World Domination" are warring robot mechanical, and others are dark surf swamped.

Madness dotdotdotdot
Inventive Industrial (Instrumental)

With a carnival melody and busy percussion, "Madness" parodies an android circus as if it's actually here. Cute, but not too.

Disco Western dotdotdotdotdot
Inventive Industrial (Instrumental)

With transmuted lines from Stan Jones' epic "(Ghost) Riders In The Sky," this is a pleasurable track with an endearing sound. Real guitar twangin' correctly and playing whammy-dipped notes, and even a glissando or two. Very cool!