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T. Tex Edwards and the Swingin Kornflake Killers - Up Against The Floordotdotdot
artworkT. Tex Edwards and the Swingin Kornflake Killers, aside from being saddled with one hell of a cool name, play a Texas brand of real country rock, with lap steel, life gone bad lyrics, and honest to goodness good old boy blues. You just can't go wrong with songs like "Ain't No Bars In Heaven" and "Funnel Of Love." On the gruesome side is "The Living and the Dead," and there's a stellar, if demented soft lap steel version of Floyd Cramer's "Last Date" augmented with a cowboy drunken chorus and a sad tale narrated over the top. Oh, yeah, the CD opens with a fine Texas island surf instro called "Overture: Dirtweed."
Picks: Overture: Dirtweed, Bonus Track Baby

Track by Track Review

Overture: Dirtweed dotdotdotdot
Cowboy Surf (Instrumental)

"Overture: Dirtweed" is a floating guitar instro with country whine and island shimmer. The image produced is very surf lagoon, and the melody memorable and enjoyable. I like this a lot.

Bonus Track Baby dotdotdot
Cowboy Surf (Instrumental)

"Bonus Track Baby" is a big Texas sixties psychedelic rover that ends abruptly and incomplete.