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Edgewater Beach - December Surfdotdotdot
artworkThis is atmospheric wanna be surf, with watery sounds created by echo and digital or chamber reverb. I don't think tat t isn't a real band - machine drums tell that tale. It has all the earmarks of a home solo project, but is much more developed than most of those. There are some very nice tracks - it's just not really surf.
Picks: Black Velvet Landscapes, December Surf, Slow Wake

Track by Track Review

The Corridor dotdotdot
Wannabe Surf (Instrumental)

This is very atmospheric, perhaps suggestive of The Mermen's Krill Slippin' album, but the writing and playing is very different. Machine drums detract from what otherwise works relatively well.

Black Velvet Landscapes dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

This is a strange hybrid of surf and an adventurous flippant melody. "Black Velvet Landscapes" works pretty well among surf instros, though the baritone guitar seems too machine like in a Euro sort of way.

December Surf dotdotdot
Wannabe Surf (Instrumental)

Partially surfy, but more Shadows-like mixed with faux spaghetti western. The arrangement is pretty well developed, but the Shadows whammy tells you it's just not surf. That said, it's a nice track.

Slow Wake dotdotdot
Wannabe Surf (Instrumental)

Mid tempo upbeat aquatic instrumental fair, suggestive of Norse instro bands more than surf. The muted lines are quite nice.

Black Forest Landscapes dotdotdot
Wannabe Surf (Instrumental)

"Black Forest Landscapes" has good energy and flow, but not a lot of charm. To my ears, it seems too intellectual for surf, that is not emotional enough. It is, however, very listenable.

Shakin' a la Carte dotdotdot
Wannabe Surf (Instrumental)

This seems more about patterns than melody to me, and though it tries to be surf, it seems to me to be outside looking in. Good energy and some very nice tone.