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Duane Eddy - El Rancho Grande c/w Poppa's Movin' Ondotdotdot
artworkTwo decent sides from Duane Eddy sounding like they should have been issued at lest five years earlier than the 1966 date of this single. A little over produced, but not so much that it should be overlooked.
Picks: El Rancho Grande, Poppa's Movin' On

Track by Track Review

El Rancho Grande dotdotdot
Twang (Instrumental)

This is essentially a demo for Duane's last album for Colpix, but it was not to be included. Even during the vault purges for box sets, it was overlook, lying MIA in the vaults. It's not much like the classic Duane Eddy sound, with a Tijuana Brass style mariachi overdub and a guitar tone a little more on the edge. Rousing and well balanced.

Poppa's Movin' On dotdotdot
Twang (Instrumental)

This is the B-side of the Colpix single that was the lone issue of "El Ranch Grande." It shimmers with guitar charm and vibrant throb. Very fine track seemingly based on Hank Snow's "I'm Movin' On."