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Duane Eddy - Twang A Country Songdot
artworkMostly dismissible, except for the cool cover of "Wildwood Flower."
Picks: Sugar Foot Rag, Weary Blues, Fireball Mail, Please Help Me I'm Falling, Wildwood Flower, Precious Memories, Crazy Arms, Have You Ever Been Lonely (Have You Ever Been Blue), The Window Up Above, Satisfied Mind, Making Believe, Peace In The Valley

Track by Track Review

Sugar Foot Rag dotdotdot
Country Pop (Instrumental)

This is a bouncy and appropriate vehicle for Duane Eddy country side. The chorus sucks, but the guitar is cool, especially when the lap steel comes in.

Weary Blues dot
Country Pop (Instrumental)

Slushy chorus and reverby hall sound, with Floyd Cramer-ish piano tinkle and too-slow guitar.

Fireball Mail dotdotdot
Country Pop (Instrumental)

"Fireball Mail" is not too far from Duane Eddy's Jamie material. It's just a jam, and in the middle, some moron countrified yakkin' messed with the vibe. Nice lap steel work.

Please Help Me I'm Falling dotdot
Country Pop (Instrumental)

Wasn't this a hit for Ferlin Husky? It's too slow and the strings and chorus drive it straight to the Nashville music machine wood shed.

Wildwood Flower dotdotdot
Twang (Instrumental)

This classic country instro was even covered by Dave Myers and the Surftones and Steppenwolf. This is much less spirited than that, and even calmer than Buck Owens or Chet Atkins. The Floyd Cramer style piano and stereotype fiddles under Duane's pristine, if uninspired guitar are quite a pleasant listen. Mid tempo and fun.

Precious Memories dot
Twang (Instrumental)

Very slow and elevator perfect. Not particularly noteworthy. Deep vibrato slowness drives a squishy mood to the country store.

Crazy Arms dot
Country Pop (Instrumental)

Fiddle whine and vibrato throb deliver a restrained "Crazy Arms." Pleasant.

Have You Ever Been Lonely (Have You Ever Been Blue) dot
Twang (Instrumental)

From the chorus to the rich people's country style, this lacks any semblance of emotion of genuine country honesty. Session music for the elevator ride to the 13th floor.

The Window Up Above dotdot
Twang (Instrumental)

George Jones' romantic tune, fluidly vibratoed out with sappy chorus and shimmer.

Satisfied Mind dot
Twang (Instrumental)

Many an artist has done this tune, some with less feeling, but not many. I hate the crappy chorus.

Making Believe dot
Twang (Instrumental)

Another slow country whine for the old folks home.

Peace In The Valley dot
Twang (Instrumental)

Country... OK, maybe, but why do this? It's a nice track sans the chorus.