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Duane Eddy - Lonely Guitardot
artworkThis must be the slowest record ever made with guitar in the lead. It's like you want to reach into the speakers and drag him down the street. And it's so slushy!
Picks: IÕm So Lonesome I Could Cry, Long Lonely Days Of Winter, Along Came Linda, Someday The Rainbow, Gunsmoke, A Home In The Meadow, Danny Boy, Shenandoah, Summer Kiss, My Destiny, CryinÕ Happy Tears, Annie Laurie

Track by Track Review

IÕm So Lonesome I Could Cry dot
MOR Twang (Instrumental)

What were they thinking? Were they thinking at all? Big guitar and slow-slow country blues for the day-timers of the era.

Long Lonely Days Of Winter dot
MOR Twang (Instrumental)

A great subtle piano line runs under this less than interesting dumbed down twangster. make you feel like dragging it behind your car just to get it going!

Along Came Linda dot
MOR Twang (Instrumental)

Delicate slush and cry. This was the diversion before Oprah. Argh!

Someday The Rainbow dot
MOR Twang (Instrumental)

At less than one note per second, "Someday The Rainbow" will never come. gawd, it sure does drag.

Gunsmoke dotdot
MOR Twang (Instrumental)

Horns and strings bring on the guitar lines from the TV series, but it's so slow, it's almost stopped! At double or triple speed, it might work.

A Home In The Meadow dot
MOR Twang (Instrumental)

The great classic melody is slowed to a snail's pace. The vibrato shimmers a dozen times before each successive note emerges. And it's so-o-o far from cool. Think soft.

Danny Boy dot
MOR Twang (Instrumental)

Another classic melody done in by a funeral pace. Very soft and verging on pretty.

Shenandoah dotdot
MOR Twang (Instrumental)

Wispy strings fluff behind a soft delivery of "Shenandoah." Not interesting, just soft.

Summer Kiss dot
MOR Twang (Instrumental)

Swirling flutes and strings mush their way into vibrato guitar. Nicely played, but jeez!

My Destiny dot
MOR Twang (Instrumental)

If "My Destiny" were to play like this, well, it's no wonder rock and roll died at the hands of the major labels.

CryinÕ Happy Tears dot
MOR Twang (Instrumental)

Near bounce lurks in the strings of "CryinÕ Happy Tears." Don't get your hopes up, I said near!

Annie Laurie dot
MOR Twang (Instrumental)

Squishy mushy elevator soothing mind numbing slush. You have nothing to do fore the next two minute except count the vibrato's rises and falls.