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Duane Eddy - Twangy Guitar Silky Stringsdotdot
artworkSilky says it all. The rockin' power of "40 Miles Of Bad Road" was far behind Duane Eddy once he signed to RCA.
Picks: Annie Laurie, Born To Be With You, Secret Love, Unchained Melody, When I Fall In Love, Mirriam, Moon River, Bali HaĠi, Hi-Lilli-Hi-Lo, Angel On My Shoulder, Memories Of Madrid, Love Me Tender

Track by Track Review

Annie Laurie dot
MOR Twang (Instrumental)

Squishy mushy elevator soothing mind numbing slush. You have nothing to do fore the next two minute except count the vibrato's rises and falls.

Born To Be With You dotdot
MOR Twang (Instrumental)

More slush and roll from Mr. Big Guitar. Soft and squishy.

Secret Love dotdot
MOR Twang (Instrumental)

Swirling strings and a wailing chorus with kettle drums launch this filmy number. Not particularly memorable.

Unchained Melody dotdot
MOR Twang (Instrumental)

This modern almost operatic romancer is just too soft at the hands of Duane Eddy. The potential for pompous rock were not realized.

When I Fall In Love dot
MOR Twang (Instrumental)

Another MOR chart song gets the orchestral guitar and chorus treatment. Next!

Mirriam dotdotdot
MOR Twang (Instrumental)

This is a reasonably smooth track with vibrato shimmer. The strings and such are low enough in the mix to allow you to almost forget they are there.

Moon River dotdot
MOR Twang (Instrumental)

Henry Mancini's "Moon River" is a great vehicle for Duane Eddy's guitar, but there just isn't a need for the strings and chorus. It would have made my mother swoon!

Bali HaĠi dotdotdot
MOR Twang (Instrumental)

The strings rise against a warbly chorus and soft twango shimmer. Haunting in a period sorta way, this is like an Alexander Courage interpretation. Strange.

Hi-Lilli-Hi-Lo dot
MOR Twang (Instrumental)

Elevator mush deluxe... what floor please?

Angel On My Shoulder dotdot
MOR Twang (Instrumental)

"Angel On My Shoulder" is almost cool. It's just too soft and mushy to rise to the occasion.

Memories Of Madrid dotdotdot
MOR Twang (Instrumental)

Filmy vacation scenes and slower than slow pacing, with guitar against chorus and plucky violins. Almost cool.

Love Me Tender dot
MOR Twang (Instrumental)

The Pelvis got really MOR in his waning years. Even when he cut this in the fifties, it was pompously swoony. This throws out the edge with the bath water, leaving just the squish of the fifties housewives.