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Drifting Sand - Drifting Snowdotdotdotdot
artworkThis four song CD-R sports two near-instros that are very cool and two humorous vocals like only Drifting Sand create these days.
Picks: Drifting Snow, Avalanche

Track by Track Review

Drifting Snow dotdotdotdot
Gothic Surf (Instrumental)

This nearly instro is a tough grinder with eerie guitars and a chorus. Think the Hawklords with Muruga and UFM on snowboards. Intense and distressed from the relentless assault of winter. Dark and forbidding, and most unusual.

Avalanche dotdotdot
Gothic Surf (Instrumental)

Pumpin' go-go- frat stompin' with a warning of avalanche danger on the slopes. "Avalanche" is non-melodic, like a frat rocker with an intellect. Pretty cool. The surf rap style narrative in the middle is way fun!