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Drifting Sand - Surfpopdotdotdot
artworkAfter many years lurking on the edges of the Bay Area surf scene, these surfnauts have finally come in from the shore break long enough to cut a nine track CD of witty vocal material born of longboards and gremmies. While there are but two instros here, the disc is an excellent listen, fun and just as beach irreverent as the Surf Punks. The band is Surfer Spud - synth and vocals, Dana Point [Dana Vincent - Splashback], Diver Jon - bass, and Kenny Dale Johnson - drums. "Capt. Pat McNally" is on a track or two, and was the GM of Live 105 until the takeover.

The seven vocals are "Sunday Surf," a brief introductory narrative piece like a sermon for the surf, surfers, and planet earth, "Birds Can't Surf," a nearly spoken song dripping "Ride The Wild Surf" and "Dylan At The Beach," "Perfect Wave," which is a slower tune, more of a folk rock epic of life on a perfect wave, "First Time Surfin'" and its rich surf guitar tones tell the tale of a virgin crossing, "Sand Is Your Friend," a song about the joys of getting sand in it, features excellent reverb guitar sounds and fluffy vocals, "Root Beer Float," which also sports more excellent surf guitar tones coupled with dramatic vocals in a song about one of the four basic food groups, with call and response, and finally "What Kind Of Surfboard Is That?," a song that opens with a fine glissando and solid bass, and incredulous vocalizing about questionable deviant planks and the replies of the if-it-floats-ride-it surf punks. "Aural Oceanics" is 48 minutes of surf breaking on a sandy beach.
Picks: Shark! Shark!, At The Mercy Of The Wave

Track by Track Review

Shark! Shark! dotdotdotdot
Lunch Meat Surf (Instrumental)

This is a gremmie's view of the waves, or maybe a surfers view of the landlocked. Infectious, silly, fun, and interspersed with moronic cries of "Shark Shark," followed by a radio announcement of shark sightings. It ends with a scream of acknowledgment result from a status change from beachcomber to shark lunch.

At The Mercy Of The Wave dotdotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

"At The Mercy Of The Wave" is an excellent surf instro, with great guitar work from Dana Point, delivering a slow and very pretty melody. This is one pretty track, with real atmosphere and great surf tone, coupled with subtle keyboards and solid bass and drums. Picturesque lagoonic images float across the speakers.