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Dr. Frankenstein - The Lost Tapes From Dr. Frankenstein's Labdotdotdot
artworkPortugal's Dr. Frankenstein have ished their first CD. It collects some material from earlier singles. The keywords are "angular," "intense," and "uneasy." The lone vocal is "Pretty Bitch," a sideways love poem to the object of desire. These are genuine garage recordings (i.e. ambient), but are in reasonable stereo and sport pretty decent sound.
Picks: Frontal Lobotomy, Agoraphobia, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, The Shake Shake Surf, Jack The Ripper, Room 101, Full Impulse Power, Bali Ha'i, The Untouchables, Tokyo 3:00 a.m., See You In Hell, Cow..., 2000 Lb. Bee

Track by Track Review

Frontal Lobotomy dotdotdot
Trashy Edgy Rock (Instrumental)

A long slow sample from a sci-fi/horror flick opens to the danger of "Frontal Lobotomy." Grodie guitar and eerie organ... thrashingly edged and thunderously pummeled. The meandering lead contrast against the organ is an interesting combination of adverse sounds. The break is a dramatic slowed down chord exercise.

Agoraphobia dotdotdot
Trashy Edgy Rock (Instrumental)

Extra grungy guitar and whistling organ... a trashy adventure in riff rock with a purpose. "Agoraphobia" invokes an uneasy feeling, like fear of that which is not seen. Dark, menacing, and pretty cool.

On Her Majesty's Secret Service dotdotdotdot
Trashy Edgy Rock (Instrumental)

Dark and espionage flavored, "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" is menacing and yet melodic. The unnerving structure leaves you looking for an exit, yet drawn into the track. Some very nice whammy chords enhance the track with a shimmer factor as it moves into and out of a great break. Heavy is an understatement.

The Shake Shake Surf dotdotdot
Trashy Edgy Rock (Instrumental)

Shake Shake is the undulation of "big-uns." The track is raw, pulsing, and very heavy. Not a hint of surf, but a definite Neanderthal lust.

Jack The Ripper dotdotdot
Trashy Edgy Rock (Instrumental)

With the trashy fuzzbox drive of Dr. Frankenstein, it's only natural that they do Link Wray. Major chord wham, and solid drive. Always worth a spin.

Room 101 dotdotdotdot
Trashy Edgy Rock (Instrumental)

"Room 101" is an interesting adventure in chunka-chunka... big chords, damped assault, major distortion, and a lot of power delivering a very unusual riff. It's uncomfortable in a magnetic way. Very cool track. From The Narcotic Tapes home recordings from March 2000.

Full Impulse Power dotdotdot
Trashy Edgy Rock (Instrumental)

Intensity and angular guitar, an uneasy riff, and some double picking. Big thunder from the engine room here. You just think this is about Star Trek... it's about the "tunnel of love" according to the sleeve art. From The Narcotic Tapes home recordings from March 2000.

Bali Ha'i dotdotdotdotdot
Island Trashy Rock (Instrumental)

This is brilliant! A big guitar trashed out version of "Bali Ha'i." Exotic percussion, shimmering vibrato, and a sultry post grunge lounge feel. This just may be the most interesting of all versions of this song. Great arranging. From The Narcotic Tapes home recordings from March 2000.

The Untouchables dotdotdotdot
Trashy Edgy Rock (Instrumental)

Really, this is the theme from the TV series. You can almost see Robert Stack in his government issue suit. Intense and thrilling, very well arranged, with lots of changes and textures. Excellent! From The Narcotic Tapes home recordings from March 2000.

Tokyo 3:00 a.m. dotdotdot
Trashy Edgy Rock (Instrumental)

As the bomb drops, the crunch and chord thrash brigade attacks with a relentless progression. Way more about big and aggressive than music. But wait, the break features a shimmering vibrato guitar playing a very nice melody line that could well be their next great instro. From their Ghost City e.p. (live at S.T.S.).

See You In Hell, Cow... dotdotdot
Trashy Edgy Rock (Instrumental)

A big relentless progression with some intense variations and sidetrips into ultra shimmer land, "See You In Hell, Cow..." is an unfriendly riff and run number that seems like a backtrack, yet not. There are some great moments, and the number of changes keeps it from dropping off the radar. From their Ghost City e.p. (live at S.T.S.).

2000 Lb. Bee dotdotdot
Trashy Edgy Rock (Instrumental)

Done the way Bobby Fuller did it, but way more garagy. With the guitar in the distance, it takes on an over the horizon threatening air. Quite heavy with cool drum work. An alternate remix of a track previously appearing on a compilation somewhere.