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The Downbeat 5 - Three Bullets For Alice V2dotdotdot
artworkThe Downbeat 5 hail from Massachusetts. Their credentials go back to DMZ and the Odds. The music is hooky pop format edgy garage girl rock. This demo includes two vocals, "Dum Dum Ditty," "Cryin' In the Night," "Train From Kansas City," "Shimmy Watusi," "Foggy Notion," and more. The last five tracks were captured live at WFMO in Medford last July.
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Three Bullets For Alice dotdotdot
Garage Fuzz (Vocal)

The Downbeat 5 take the intro route on this garagy fuzz track. Two fuzz guitars, bass and drums develop an edgy pop sound kinda like Davie Allan on a diet with rose colored glasses on. Quite fun.