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Double Naught Spy Car - Comb In Blue Waterdotdotdotdot
artworkPaul Lacques and three pals created this CD in 1997. It's as strange a vision as the Reventlos, but completely different from that band. Hawaiian influences abound, as do visions of the insane and disjointed. There's little to surf by, but abundant intriguing music to stretch your imagination. Recommended for the adventurous among you.
Picks: Jan-Michael Vincent Rehab.Com, Double Naught Spy Car, Out Walked Bud / In Walked Bud, For Your Needs Away From Home, The Mooche, The Rube Cubist, Arrangement With A Dung Beetle, I Rose In A Field, Hybrid Vigor, Cake Left Out In The Rain, Deutsch Bag

Track by Track Review

Jan-Michael Vincent Rehab.Com dotdotdot
Rock Dementia (Instrumental)

Well, now! Dissonant recovery network proudly prevents... this is right up the Reventlos' avenue, with more twist and less metallic crunch. There's no shortage of insanity in this intensely demented tune.

Double Naught Spy Car dotdotdotdot
Thick Surf (Instrumental)

Dinosaurs roamed these chords. "Double Naught Spy Car" presents a thick and dark soup of surf and twang and choking danger. A great track with no shortage of edge.

Out Walked Bud / In Walked Bud dotdotdotdot
Jazz (Instrumental)

"Out Walked Bud / In Walked Bud" is a picturesque tune with a jazzy image of suave grooves on a desert island. The twang is excellent, and the soul funky.

For Your Needs Away From Home dotdotdot
Travelers (Instrumental)

Funky chop and twango combine in this moody piece. An after hours stroll on a dimly lit beach near the bungalow. Sorta Hawaiian, sorta New York.

The Mooche dotdotdot
Weird Tango (Instrumental)

Tongue clearly lodged in cheek, and guitar totally incorporated into the psyche. "The Mooche" is a slow and suave number with a taste of distant tango and a smoky club.

The Rube Cubist dotdotdot
Dissonant (Instrumental)

Edge provided by dissonant guitar chops and odd key weirdness. "The Rube Cubist" is nerve wracking, but also intriguing. A most unusual adventure.

Arrangement With A Dung Beetle dotdotdotdot
Hawaiian Insect (Instrumental)

Like a haunted Polynesian dirge, "Arrangement With A Dung Beetle" oozes moody pictures of palm islands and cooperative insects. This is a mighty cool track.

I Rose In A Field dotdotdotdot
Hawaiian Reggae Surf (Instrumental)

Echoed Hawaiian beaches and grass skirts, and a dub reggae feel permeate this very pleasant track. It's surfy and Jamaican, and Polynesian too. It is very magnetic, holding a tight grip on you as you imbibe.

Hybrid Vigor dotdotdotdot
Crunchy Surf (Instrumental)

Rhythmic hot guitar wham, with a rolling cadence and a lot of power. "Hybrid Vigor" is a wonderful track with plenty of energy and smoothness. Crunchy and suave, and melodic. Powerful.

Cake Left Out In The Rain dotdotdot
Anticipation (Instrumental)

Slow Hawaiian guitar and delicate whammy. The drama seems to be a prelude to an impending event, an exercise in impatient anticipation. I assume the title reference is from "Mac Arthur Park."

Deutsch Bag dotdotdot
Gray Matter Surf (Instrumental)

Disorderly edge and weird scenes abound. "Deutsch Bag" hods forth with most unusual tones and plenty of string bending for the insane. Quite an adventure in gray matter folding.