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Don and the Galaxies - Sundown c/w Avalanchedotdotdotdot
artworkThis is a repro of Don and the Galaxies 1960 FoxFidel F2 single. Like so many singles from the early sixties, the b-side outranks the a-side in the cool department. I don't know much abut these guys, except that they were from the Inland Empire, and this was reportedly cut in 1960, making is genuine proto surf.
Picks: Sundown, Avalanche

Track by Track Review

Sundown dotdotdot
Presurf (Instrumental)

"Sundown" is a riff rocker for sure, with piano and rhythm guitar often syncing up, but there are also some tasty solo lines and a great drum and guitar break. This is more than just riff rock, with a sense primitive presurf. Primitive, but very cool.

Avalanche dotdotdotdot
Presurf (Instrumental)

"Avalanche" is much more like a proto surf instro, with reverby guitar and a splendid, infectious original melody line, and a rhythm and arrangement that shines. This should have been the a-side!