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Los Doltons - Siempredotdotdot
artworkPeru's Los Doltons recorded only a handful of instros, all of which suggest island surf. Three are on this extensive double disc set. There's also a fun version of The Trashmen's "King Of The Surf."
Picks: El Millonario, Amor Eterno, Paraiso Oriental

Track by Track Review

El Millonario dotdotdotdot
Rock Peruano (Instrumental)

This is a really nice rock instro with a fluid oceanic sound. While it's more European influenced than surf, the chamber reverb on the lead guitar suggests the island variety of surf. It's a lovely song with enough loudness to fit into a surf set. Very cool!

Amor Eterno dotdotdot
Rock Peruano (Instrumental)

Guitar and organ play duel lead roles at times in this easy rock instro. The whammy chords are born of island surf, while the balance of the song comes from the European tradition.

Paraiso Oriental dotdotdotdot
Rock Peruano (Instrumental)

"Paraiso Oriental" is a very nice instro with an easy pace and a bit of exotic flavor, along with muted rhythm patterns that are clearly from the surf idiom. It's more Ventures like than surf, but does fit quite well. Theoretically live, but clearly studio with live crowd sounds in the intro and at the end.