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Jonnie Dog and the Dingos - S/Tdotdotdot
artworkSeven instro demos from Jonnie Dog and the Dingos, issued as MP3's on their website. These tracks sound like they span some time, with a couple of early mono tracks with a sound like came out of LA in the early eighties, and others with a dry country edged island surf sound, awash in murky stereo delay. beneath the sound masque are some fine instros.
Picks: 3 Dollar Shirt, 6-Pack, Don't Drink The Water, Loralei, Mysterioso, Pier Shooting, Psurfadelia

Track by Track Review

3 Dollar Shirt dotdotdot
Country Surf (Instrumental)

A kind of tropical island variation on the spirit of "Tequila," with a country twinge and catchy beat. "3 Dollar Shirt" is a bouncy and very fun track.

6-Pack dotdotdotdot
Country Surf (Instrumental)

The Sandals' "6-Pack" is played in an island whammy dry fashion, yet it retains its surf credentials. A little country, a little island whammy, and lots of fun.

Don't Drink The Water dotdotdotdot
Country Reggae Surf (Instrumental)

A reggae rhythm pumps under this island whammy instro. "Don't Drink The Water" is a warm and friendly song with a catchy riff and fine energy. The blend of tropical, Jamaican, and country elements create a sound that's hard to ignore.

Loralei dotdotdotdot
Swirling Surf (Instrumental)

"Loralei" is a slow song with a warm, slightly haunted sound. It flows slowly like a summer river, with swirling guitar and more imagery than melody.

Mysterioso dotdotdotdot
Country Surf (Instrumental)

On the crunchy side, "Mysterioso" writhes with chop and an almost eighties LA surf sound, perhaps similar to Tommy and the Piers. The beat is miles from the brine, yet the rhythm tells of tubular dreams from an inland valley. "Bumble Bee" forms the beginning of the break. Very murky low sample rate sound.

Pier Shooting dotdotdotdot
Rock (Instrumental)

Choppy echoed chords open "Pier Shooting," which is much more a rock instro than anything related to surf. Energetic and bumpin', with some nifty licks.

Psurfadelia dotdotdotdot
Country Surf (Instrumental)

Another song harkening back to the eighties LA scene sound wise, this time perhaps like the Ripp Tides "Shelly Tamura" without the lyrics. Similar bumpin' surfable energy and tone, with a catchy riff. The murky low sample rate mono sound doesn't do this song justice!