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Dodecats - Demo 11.15.2008dotdotdotdot
artworkYour next sidetrip could be right here. No, Dodecats don't play surf exactly, but the structures and imagery sure do suggest it. This is electric violin, bass, and drums the way rock was meant to use them.
Picks: Capri, Espejismo, Anda Ya, Ghiribizzo

Track by Track Review

Capri dotdotdotdot
Surf Violin (Instrumental)

Dissonant violin plaintively cries a mournful tune against solid bass and drums. The mastery of the violin calls to your soul. While tonally dark, "Capri" features great drums and rhythm, very soothing bass, and strong construction.

Espejismo dotdotdotdot
Gypsy Surf (Instrumental)

This updated version of "Espejismo" is a brooding number with many artful dives and cutbacks. Sullen and stormy drama on huge waves plays out in your mind's eye as you listen. There's danger and fear here, but also a fatalist's confidence.

Anda Ya dotdotdotdot
Gypsy Surf (Instrumental)

This is sweetly sad, with some surf moments and lots of post modern angularity. Primarily structured like an instro in AABA format, yet more sophisticated than that implies. I was occasionally reminded of Richard Greene's stunning work on The Blues Project final release Planned Obsolescence, which could be viewed as the first flight of Seatrain, especially when the violin went into a bit of feedback. A few verses reminiscent of "Jezebel" add melodic flow. Very cool.

Ghiribizzo dotdotdot
Gypsy Surf (Instrumental)

You suspect that "Ghiribizzo" is an eastern European surf spectacular, fueled by rapid bow work simulating double picking. You are convinced if this once you hear the violin's glissando. This is a powerful piece. All shined up and ready to go.