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The Dirt Surfers - Music For Motiondotdot
artworkThis CD-R comes from the MP3/DAM circuit. This trio is from Michigan. I don't know if they perform live, as this seems like a self-made (though well made) home project. The music is reverb free and often classically inspired. Some tracks employ a surf or spaghetti structure. Pleasant listening.
Picks: The Intimidator (Dale Eberhadt Tribute), Weeze The Juice, Hug the Bunny or Squeeze the Weasel, My Weenie Dog Has a Goiter, The Endless Trail, Bad Cop No Donut, Resurrection Of A Lost Cause, I'm So Pissed at Santa

Track by Track Review

The Intimidator (Dale Eberhadt Tribute) dotdotdot
Near Spaghetti Surf (Instrumental)

Big crowds, riffin' nearly reverbed guitar, ringing chords, and a melodic riff reminiscent of "Bat Man" (Neal Hefty). This is a pleasant number with pretty ringing notes in the break, and a sense of adventure.

Weeze The Juice dotdotdot
Near Spaghetti Surf (Instrumental)

Bongos and dry guitar in a nearly double picked portrayal of cowboys on cactus juice. Quirky and yet friendly. Interesting writing and complex structures. Military drums and guitar duets. A little spaghetti western too.

Hug the Bunny or Squeeze the Weasel dotdotdot
Near Spaghetti Surf (Instrumental)

Spaghetti lead guitar over fuzz and a western rhythm. There's a sense of the open air about this, as well as the smell of sage brush. Dramatic and well developed.

My Weenie Dog Has a Goiter dotdotdotdot
Near Hot Dog Surf (Instrumental)

A great title for a playful and articulate instro with dry guitars and a catchy riff. Not surfy, nut very catchy and easily adapted to the genre. Quite nice, and very fun.

The Endless Trail dotdotdot
Acoustic Outback (Instrumental)

An delicate acoustic outback piece, solo guitar gently meandering the plains. Very pretty and delicate.

Bad Cop No Donut dotdotdot
Rock (Instrumental)

With a title like "Bad Cop No Donut," you might expect either slammin' rocking fun or comic relief. Neither resides within. This is a strait light weight near rock instro with a playful riff.

Resurrection Of A Lost Cause dotdot
Sophisticated (Instrumental)

This is an overly intellectual classically inspired exercise in controlled noodle-hem. It's precise and pristine, just not interesting from a rock perspective.

I'm So Pissed at Santa dotdotdot
Classical Near Surf (Instrumental)

A cool galloping second guitar supports this gradually rising number as the lead mirrors the rhythm. It's a little formal, yet kinda surfy in a classical kinda way.