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The Diplomats - Instrumental Action Souldotdotdot
artworkIf you start with the Fresno sounds of Jim Waller and the Deltas, remove the surf, sprinkle on a dash of the Merced Blue Notes, Soften the Pacific Northwest instro drive of the likes of Dave Lewis and the Kingsmen, and place the band in the corner of Louie's Place down down, you'll understand the sound here. The most remarkable thing about this is the drummer, who employs original and interesting patterns. Not a drop of surf, though they cover Jim Waller very well, and much of this seems suited best as a backdrop to a low key party, yet there is something kinda cool about it. It does leave you relaxed in the same same way the early sixties R&B instros did, just with less soul. With and email address of bscepter, I don't know if they are referencing influence like the Kingsmen instro "Bent Scepter" or are an outgrowth of the Bent Scepters.
Picks: Hugh's Hefner, Cookie Time, Willie's Theme, Bullfrog Boogaloo, El Corazon Negro, Chinese Connection, Stoned Preacher, Hot Stick, Soul Slaw, Mobley Turnaround, Tennessee Toothpick, Soul Beat Pt. 2, The Man From S.C.E.P.T.E.R. Theme

Track by Track Review

Hugh's Hefner dotdotdot
Lounge Soul (Instrumental)

Guitar and organ/piano duel softly on the cusp of a riff in the grand tradition of the corner jazz lounge. The guitar is a little angular, and the keys soft and soulful. Rhythmic and pleasant.

Cookie Time dotdotdot
Lounge Soul (Instrumental)

With a hip hop beat and a quirky riff, "Cookie Time" draws attention with a trail of cookie crumbs. A simple riff that's nicely woven through the fabric of the soul groove.

Willie's Theme dotdotdot
Lounge Soul (Instrumental)

Wah wah guitar plays a simple but mysterious riff before being replaced by the organ. Reminds me of the slots in Vegas in the lounge. Smooth, and with enough changes to keep it afloat.

Bullfrog Boogaloo dotdotdot
Lounge Soul (Instrumental)

A little like the old soul instro "A Hole In Your Soul," which also really doesn't develop. Pleasantly suited for a backdrop at your party.

El Corazon Negro dotdotdot
Lounge Soul (Instrumental)

Lighter in a pranceable sorta way, "El Corazon Negro" bounces with some energy and in a groove. The flute adds a bit of the Herbie Mann feel. A very nice track.

Chinese Connection dotdotdot
Lounge Soul (Instrumental)

Duel guitar, moody keys, seventies wah wah, and finally a softly grooving backdrop to an old film.

Stoned Preacher dotdotdot
Lounge Soul (Instrumental)

A bit of drama and edge, though smooth and low key, moves this along. In some ways, it's like a cross between smalltime British R&B bands and the Allman Brothers. As a description, it won't conjure the correct sound, but once you hear it, it'll make sense I think.

Hot Stick dotdotdot
Lounge Soul (Instrumental)

Interesting damped delayed plucking and stilted drums duel for center stage before the organ comes in and smoothes out the effect.

Soul Slaw dotdotdot
Lounge Soul (Instrumental)

With a nod to Booker T. and the MG's, "Soul Slaw" funks and grooves with an organ focal point.

Mobley Turnaround dotdotdot
Lounge Soul (Instrumental)

In a kind of sub-Willie Mitchell groove, "Mobley Turnaround" funks and pumps, featuring a pretty soulful sax.

Tennessee Toothpick dotdotdot
Lounge Soul (Instrumental)

A hook and a riff, a light sprinkling of the Kingsmen, and a dash of Ian Whitcomb.

Soul Beat Pt. 2 dotdotdot
Lounge Soul (Instrumental)

The only cover on the CD is a very cool reinvention of Jim Waller and the Deltas' "Soul Beat." The Diplomats have taken it into a less liquid territory, but retained the licks and the essential groove. Pretty fun.

The Man From S.C.E.P.T.E.R. Theme dotdotdot
Lounge Soul (Instrumental)

With slowly meander guitar treatment, "The Man From S.C.E.P.T.E.R. Theme" has a spy film feel, and features very nifty use of vibrato. More punchy than anything else here.