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Squiddly Diddly - Squiddly Diddly's Surfin' Safaridotdot
artworkThis companion LP to the children's' TV series sounds like it used the usual suspects in the band. Two of the four instrumentals are not bad at all, though only tangentially surf.
Picks: Surf Busters, Shoot The Tube

Track by Track Review

Surf Busters
Children's Surf (Instrumental)

"Surf Busters" is the sort of thing that would be found as incidental music in those beach movies wit Frankie and Annette. That said, the drums and bass are very solid, and while the guitars are dry, the melody is pretty darn surfable. There's plenty energy despite the low volume employed in studio sessions in those days. So, it's worth checking out.

Shoot The Tube dotdotdotdot
Children's Surf (Instrumental)

This is pretty interesting, with a rhythm pattern inspired by Henry Mancini's "Banzai Pipeline," only not quite as dramatic and choppy. The flute creates an arty, sorta beat jazz feeling, while the guitars are all in a pre-go-go post surf vein. It's a darn coo track.

Gremmies dotdot
Children's Go-Go (Instrumental)

"Gremmies" is an organ lead number that's very TV go-go. It's much like a lesser toss aside from The Ventures A' Go-Go album.

Hang Ten dotdot
Children's Surf (Instrumental)

The organ and guitar play a minimal riff in sync to open what becomes a very riffy number. The guitar tone sounds a bit like Billy Strange.