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Bo Diddley - Bo Diddley's Beach Partydotdotdotdot
artworkThis is a superb live album from 1963. It's a bit crude with audience on the loud side as was the way at the time, but it's all Bo Diddley! Three instros rock your world, and there's even a sousing version of "I'm Alright," one of my favorite early Rolling Stones tracks.
Picks: Memphis, Old Smokey, Bo's Waltz

Track by Track Review

Memphis dotdotdot

The man rocks out in a tremolo throbbed rendering of Chuck Berry's "Memphis." This is very rhythmic and infectious in the way only genuine rock from the period could be.

Old Smokey dotdotdotdot

This is a totally original version of the traditional "Old Smokey," with great Bo Diddley guitar and grit. Tremolo throb and liquid fingerboarding, along with the primal nature of the recording give it edge and charm.

Bo's Waltz dotdotdotdot

"Bo's Waltz" is just too charming. The B parts are a genuine waltz, with the right beat and everything, and the a parts are period riff rockin' strompin' Bo Diddley jammin'. Really cool.