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Deke Dickerson - Swingin' In Outer Space c/w Diggin' Itdotdot
artworkThis is a dandy little seven inch instrumental release. While there's not even a hint of surf here, the playing is excellent and any fan with a taste for country pickin' will enjoy this single.
Picks: SwinginĠ In Outer Space, DigginĠ It

Track by Track Review

SwinginĠ In Outer Space dotdotdot
Rock Boogie (Instrumental)

Deke Dickerson goes for the fifties boogie outer space fears sound, and hits it square on. Lots of fun.

DigginĠ It dotdotdot
Rock Boogie (Instrumental)

Really nice country pickin' with that goofy good ol' boy charm and thin Chet Atkins kinda sound.