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The Devons - Honda Bike c/w Free Falldotdotdot
artworkRichie Podolor... what ore do you need to know?
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Free Fall dotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

The Devons were another studio persona of Richie Podolor. This is a classic track, better than the demo version which appeared on the Super Stocks CD. Melodic, sad, and very well written. I just love Podolor's guitar tone, generally obtained by plugging directly into the board instead of using an amp. and sending through an acoustic chamber. Richard Podolor wrote it, but is not on the session. Jerry LeMire - lead guitar, Bill Cooper - rhythm guitar, Dick Burns - bass, Chuck Girard - keys, Wayne Edwards - drums.

Honda Bike dotdot
Motorbike (Vocal)

One of the few vocals issued under Richie Podolor's Devons moniker, "Honda Bike" is a so-so Beach Boys style pop song with nothing to set it apart. It doesn't even have a signature Podolor guitar break.