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The Delstars - The Sound Of Powerdotdotdot
artworkSeven instros grace this CD, four of which fall into the cool category. The other three are more like backtracks, waiting for the solid and entertaining though somewhat Cramps like hot rod vocal style of songs like "Lube Job ," "Volatile Shake," "Dirthead Losermobile," and "Got To Have That Car." "400 Hawaiian Shirts" is the standout.
Picks: Tantori, Ho Dads Rule, Polara, Catalina Beach, Tempest Custom, Ride The Wild Tube, 400 Hawaiian Shirts

Track by Track Review

Tantori dotdotdot
Hot Rod Riff Rock (Instrumental)

Hot rod riff rock, thick and grindy, with shouted chants of "Tantori." Relatively unmelodic. Tight double picked sections, but without a melody, it doesn't hold up to repeated listening.

Ho Dads Rule dotdotdot
Hot Rod Riff Rock (Instrumental)

"Ho Dads Rule" seems like a backtrack. There's no lead focus. Even the verses with leads are more like break jams than leads. There's some cool stuff happening here, but it needs a vocal or lead line.

Polara dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

This is a nice little chunka chunka track. It has a riff that works well, a surfy lead guitar, and nasty low down feel, with stinging whammy and edge. Not terribly melodic, but interesting enough to hold attention through out. It even sports a bit of shimmer.

Catalina Beach dotdotdot
Hot Rod (Instrumental)

While not very melodic, "Catalina Beach" has the feel of a fast car on the coast, wind in the hair and rebel stance. It moves relentlessly down the road, while not exceeding the limit. Quite nice.

Tempest Custom dotdotdot
Hot Rod Riff Rock (Instrumental)

This is a chunky grind-o-rama, a backtrack that really deserves a melody, because it's quite affective. The rhythmic chop of the guitars compliment the bass and drums really well.

Ride The Wild Tube dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

"Ride The Wild Tube" sports a riff surf sound, like a lesser "Surf Beat" with glissandoes and lots of grind. It has a really dark feel from the low-E distorto guitar and thundering bass, and power as well.

400 Hawaiian Shirts dotdotdotdot
Hot Rod Riff Rock (Instrumental)

Just enough, I say... "400 Hawaiian Shirts" sports a playful yet powerful sound, and a memorable riff. I'm not sure that it invokes images of shirts, but it does speak surf in that surf shop way. The bridges are a bit noodly, but the rest of the track is really good. Dig the groove of the damped chunka chunka break... quite Bo Diddley like, and very cool!