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The Defiants - Surfer's Twist c/w Twistin' n' Stompin'dotdotdot
artworkThis is only surf in the sense of its titles, not all that far away from the early Mar-Kets' tracks. It's either a virtual copy, or its a session outtake. Either way, this is unoriginal and uninspired, thought the piano is pretty darn cool.
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Track by Track Review

Surfer's Twist dotdotdot
Instrumentals 1960's (Instrumental)

A stomping beat and piano right out of The Mar-Kets' sessions connects this peripherally to surf music. It's not at all melodic, more like a jam. If not for the very cool piano riff, "Surfer's Twist" would disappear from ram upon completion.

Twistin' n' Stompin' dotdotdot
Instrumentals 1960's (Instrumental)

Even less interesting than its b-side, "Twistin' n' Stompin'" is softer and less engaging. Again, only the piano and walking bass line makes it work at all.