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Deathpod - Grim Reaper Beach Party Blowout!dotdotdot
artworkThe darkness of metal and heavy prog cross through some surf territory on their way to the asylum. It's all very strange, yet compelling.
Picks: Satan In The Surf, Love Is In Flames, Off-Duty Floozy, Beelzebub's Bikini Bash, Random Retro Surf Crap, Pt. 1, SPF 666, D4, Random Retro Surf Crap, Pt. 2, Two-Four, Six Ate, Tanned And Drunk, Lawnchairs On The Bonfire, Collecting The Empties

Track by Track Review

Satan In The Surf dotdotdotdot
Surfadelic (Instrumental)

Heavy dark chords and dangerous twangin' lead with intense tone and genuine rock attitude. "Satan In The Surf" is an unusual track with surf sensibilities, double picking, a bit of reverb, and a shredder's edge. Very cool!

Love Is In Flames dotdot
Psychedelic (Instrumental)

"Love Is In Flames" is a slow moving number with a demo sound in mono. It's not particularly interesting, and the sound is dull. I can imagine that it could be much more interesting in stereo and produced like they meant it.

Off-Duty Floozy dotdot
Psychedelic (Instrumental)

"Off-Duty Floozy" is neither melodic nor interesting. It seems more like a backtrack in search of something - anything - to be out front.

Beelzebub's Bikini Bash dotdotdotdot
Psychedelic (Instrumental)

This is an odd track that's hypnotic and distant, with an interesting bass line and dry muted notes along with a rock jammin' lead that occasionally double picks. Certainly it's like heavy prog from the seventies, yet there's a bit of an aquatic something here. Dramatic and thick.

Random Retro Surf Crap, Pt. 1 dotdotdotdot
Surfadelic (Instrumental)

"Random Retro Surf Crap, Pt. 1" is a funny title until you realize it owes everything to double picked thrash and angular guitars. It's not melodic, but it is intense and surf like a shortboard interaction with the rocks. Angular and deadly.

SPF 666 dotdotdot
Psychedelic (Instrumental)

A surf rhythm penetrates goofy dissonant sounds and gives the impression of surf after end of life. There's no melody, just the pattern and weirdness, yet it seems compelling. "SPF 666" is a swell title. You can't get burned despite your destination.

D4 dotdotdot
Psychedelic (Instrumental)

This is a dark relentless slow lumberer with only darkness to keep it company. Mostly evil.

Random Retro Surf Crap, Pt. 2
Surfadelic (Instrumental)

Continuing down the double picked crashing into the rocks tendencies of part 1, "Random Retro Surf Crap, Pt. 2" is angular, dissonant, and weird. The middle part is almost as if Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band were a surfband.

Two-Four, Six Ate, Tanned And Drunk dotdotdot
Psychedelic (Instrumental)

Psycho-endangered yacking brings forth a rock number that's not as interesting as I'd like, though it is fairly intense.

Lawnchairs On The Bonfire dotdotdot
Surfadelic (Instrumental)

"Lawnchairs On The Bonfire" rises through tremolo throb and reverbed psycho territory. It's a heavy rhythm dominated number that sports a few dark glissandos and fast double picked guitar slightly buried in the mix. Texturally interesting and dangerous.

Collecting The Empties dotdotdot
Surfadelic (Instrumental)

"Collecting The Empties" has an island shimmer about it, from its slow pace and slow whammy chords to its sunset lagoon imagery. A pleasant backdrop as the sun goes down.