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Pete Deal and the Waikikis - Surfboard Volume Twodotdotdot
artworkVolume two continues down Pete Deal and the Waikikis' highly original path. "Three Balls Please" is the standout track here.
Picks: Tall Man's Walk, Surfin' Queen, I'm So Bored, The Chicks Never Sleep, Some Easy Licks, Three Balls Please, Twisty, Grand Champion Nikita

Track by Track Review

Tall Man's Walk dotdotdot
Aquatic Lite Rock (Instrumental)

This is a slow moving piece with an easy romantic flow. The melody is sort of going home alone sad. Quite nice.

Surfin' Queen dotdotdot
Aquatic Lite Rock (Instrumental)

On the light side, "Surfin' Queen" has a fluffy melody and early evening feeling. The lightness of the playing is part of its charm.

I'm So Bored dotdotdot
Aquatic Lite Rock (Instrumental)

This bouncy number is very enjoyable. Its Euro guitar sound and playful melody, coupled with subtle but stinging chords gives it a sort of Shig and Buzz wound.

The Chicks Never Sleep dotdotdot
Aquatic Lite Rock (Instrumental)

"The Chicks Never Sleep" is a frothy and playful number with an adult contemporary sound and structure. It's quite pleasant.

Some Easy Licks dotdotdot
Country Rock (Instrumental)

Perhaps influenced by some of the Nashville pickers of the fifties, "Some Easy Licks" is a country number with bounce and a light sound. Tastefully pretty and fluid.

Three Balls Please dotdotdotdot
Spaghetti Western (Instrumental)

"Three Balls Please" is more or less a spaghetti western number with a melody that's similar to Shig and Buzz's "Shooting Star," but with less energy. It's quite a lovely and endearing track.

Twisty dotdotdot
Aquatic Lite Rock (Instrumental)

On the lighter side of adult fifties guitar instro players like Buddy Merrill, "Twisty" is fanciful and carefree, and is also a showcase for the guitar playing.

Grand Champion Nikita dotdotdot
Aquatic Lite Rock (Instrumental)

With a rhythm track liberated from "26 Miles," this soft guitar number plays easily on an afternoon drizzle. "Grand Champion Nikita" is spiced with slide and multi-tracked guitars.