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The Deadcats - Bucket o' Lovedotdotdot
artworkVancouver, BC's raucous Deadcats deliver hard driving rockabilly that ventures into psychobilly and punkabilly territory. A thick intense and in yur mug musical attitude give them lots of drive. With amazing vocals like "Slobs From Planet 9," "Route 666," "Sphincter On Fire," and "Interplanetary Fungus," plus three great Link Wray inspired instros, the Deadcats have surely cut an irresistible disc.
Picks: The Catusi, Interplanetary Fungus, Wray-Gun

Track by Track Review

The Catusi dotdotdotdot
Punkabilly (Instrumental)

Rich low register riff rockin' joy, thick and pounding, with intense sound and a stinging lead guitar. "The Catusi" is quite a thumper, with a fast-ish Link Wray feel and a grimy bar ambiance.

Interplanetary Fungus dotdotdot
Punkabilly (Instrumental)

A rhythmic rockabilly monster based on the riff behind "Feel So Good" with a whole new attitude. Really nicely arranged, and very infectious.

Wray-Gun dotdotdotdot
Punkabilly (Instrumental)

A plodding menace is coming for you, and it's carrying a "Wray-Gun." As the title implies, this flaunts a heavy tip of the hat to Link Wray, and honors him well. Intense, moody, and mean.