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The Deadbeats - Live At The Whiskey 1978dotdot
artworkWhat an awful CD... even if they do "Boss". Horrible performance, dreadful sound... but they were really having fun!
Picks: Munsters Theme, Boss

Track by Track Review

Munsters Theme dot
Discordant Noise Surf (Instrumental)

Holy Cowabunga Bad Man! This is a thick and muddy performance, with the guitars and horns playing the same notes - very one dimensional. A fine set starter, but with so little diversionary elements, it get boring even more quickly than Jim Marshall's TV theme... Too bad, it's been surfed up nicely many times since the early eighties.

Boss dot
Discordant Noise Surf (Instrumental)

Maximum grodie awfulness, jeepers what a slaughter job. Dissonant horn-guitar trash. Ugly, sour, and almost insulting to the Rumblers.