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Dantalian's Chariot - Chariot Risingdotdotdot
artworkDantalian's Chariot were a moderately interesting progressive pop-psyke act from Britain. Their lone recognizable trail was left by their song "Madman Running Through The Fields," covered by the Animals as "The Madman."

Dantalian's Chariot were a very obscure band that evolved out of the ashes of Zoot Money's Big Roll Band. Zoot Money and Andy Summers (The Police) were the primary players in 1967 at the dawn of Dantalian's Chariot. Often compared to Syd Barrett era Pink Floyd and Soft Machine, they failed to make a dent in the charts. Dropped by their label, their album found release under Zoot Money and the Big Roll Band rather than Dantalian's Chariot.

Their album included two moody sitar-esq instrumentals that, while certainly not surf, had the sort of island mistiness that could lend itself to a reverb dream. An interesting sidetrip into a band that didn't gel despite a respectable live reputation.
Picks: This Island, Soma

Track by Track Review

This Island dotdotdot
Progressive Pop-Psyke (Instrumental)

"This Island" is a slow and sweeping panorama of an island lagoon in India. Sitar slithers and a voice calls out into the night. Somewhat ghostly and exotic, with the waves lapping at the shore. Kinda pretty in a haunting sort of way.

Soma dotdotdot
Progressive Pop-Psyke (Instrumental)

Sitar, flute, and moody bass linger long and slow in a pretty number that's relatively unchanging until the circling lead over tom toms comes along, giving it a surfable (if not surf) feeling. Nice track.