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Jean-Pierre Danel - Best Of Guitar Connection Medley (Single)
artworkSURFSPLOITATION:Jean-Pierre Danel = On The Road Again = Gangsta's Paradise. Tracks by these "artists" are the same. Avoid at all cost!

Best Of Guitar Connection Medley (Single) illustrates the axiom "just because you can play, doesn't mean you should!" Boredom reigns!
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Good Guitar Vibrations
P (Instrumental)

"Good Guitar Vibrations" is a medley of "Misirlou," "Always On The Run," "My Sharona," "Money For Nothing," "Owner Of A Lonely Heart," "Smoke On The Water," "Hell's Bells," "Live And Let Die," and "La Grange." A small number of lines from "Miserlou," and a long series of lines from rock guitar hero anthems... and the transitions are, shall we say, just edits. Seriously ignorable!