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Dalek Beach Party - Dead Men On Holidaydotdotdotdot
artworkI've been loosely aware of Dalek Beach Party for many years, but this is the first time I've really heard their music. It's a unique blend of rockisms, dominated by very well done punkoidal chop chords, which ride like an engine under an adventuring melodic lead guitar. This isn't surf, but it's mighty fine melodic rock that sure surfable in its own way.
Picks: John Peel, Mumbo Jumbo, Wheels Came Off, One For The Ladies, Marvelous Sense Of Rhythm, Dead Men On Holiday, Teddy Boy's Picnic, Pile Up, We Start By Laughing

Track by Track Review

John Peel dotdotdot
Melodic Rock (Instrumental)

Punk chop chords underpin a melodic ode to the BBC's most legendary DJ. A melodic, almost Christmas sounding melody leads this short song. Powerful and rhythmic fun.

Mumbo Jumbo dotdotdot
Melodic Rock (Instrumental)

Full throated rhythm dominated, melodic rock, a little like a punky version of Slacktone, but less fiery. Rock solid, thumpin' and pumpin' rock 'n' roll.

Wheels Came Off dotdotdotdot
Melodic Rock (Instrumental)

"Wheels Came Off" is a hard drivin' speed metal punkoidal skate thrash track, with lots of power from stereo chop chords a la the Toy Dolls, but without the optimism. Quite powerful!

One For The Ladies dotdotdotdot
Melodic Rock (Instrumental)

Thick melodic rock, with fine stereo rhythm chords and a fluid melody line. The strength of the melody, which is perhaps a bit on the country side, sets this track off. This has all the earmarks of a rock anthem.

Marvelous Sense Of Rhythm dotdotdot
Melodic Rock (Instrumental)

It's funny, but "Marvelous Sense Of Rhythm" is the least rhythmic track on this disc. It's also the most like a studio jam from the Memphis music machine.

Dead Men On Holiday dotdotdotdot
Melodic Rock (Instrumental)

A little faster than the others here, "Dead Men On Holiday" drives with storm clouds overhead. Perhaps the closest to surf punk, and the most aquatic of the tracks here, it writhes and churns with intensity and ominous power.

Teddy Boy's Picnic dotdotdotdot
Melodic Rock (Instrumental)

Intense rhythmic chop chords and whammified twang, with long chop-glissandoes, and big drama. I half-expected a bit of rockabilly, but alas there was none, though the borrowed riffs from Del Shannon's "Runaway" in the break were a nice surprise.

Pile Up dotdotdotdotdot
Melodic Rock (Instrumental)

With the twang of a punk cowboy roundup, Dalek Beach Party ride the rodeo power slam express on this one. "Pile Up" is an intense and intensely fun song, with a western theme and urban sound. Way cool!

We Start By Laughing dotdotdotdotdot
Melodic Rock (Instrumental)

A sluggish pace gradually brings on a James Bond-ish chop chord rhythm and intense semi-spaghetti melody. "We Start By Laughing" is an intense experience of sound and power. Thick swimming whammy liquefies the open range, or perhaps it's more of a frappe.