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Dick Dale - Unknown Territorydotdot
artworkNot as strong as the last DD, but still a necessary addition to your library. Dick continues to redo his Capital sessions, and do bad vocals, while his new songs are less melodic than those on the last album.
Picks: Scalped, Mexico, F Groove, Terra Dicktyl, Take It Or Leave It, Ghost Riders, Fish Taco, California Sun, Maria Elena, Hava Nagila, The Beast, Unknown Territory, Ring Of Fire

Track by Track Review

Scalped dotdotdot
Not (Instrumental)

Indian chants open a hot double picked number with no melody to speak of.

Mexico dotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

Dick's second recording of this track. It was a great track then. This version is fast and furious. The guitar seems at odds with the drums. It really doesn't work. Bob Moore's original is still the best! What's the difference between this and Eddie and the Showmen's "Border Town"?

F Groove dot
Blues Jam (Instrumental)

Gated snares went out of style in the eighties. The harmonica is out of place. The big chord distortion guitar is so non-Dick. It never gets past the blues progression/jam stage.

Terra Dicktyl dotdot
Not (Instrumental)

The drums sound like they were in a warehouse, way down at the other end from the session. Fast ominous guitar playing the same riff repeatedly.

Take It Or Leave It dot
Not (Instrumental)

Somewhat like a backtrack to "Fever," with chants of "Take it or leave it" in an R&B formula single style.

Ghost Riders dotdot
Rock (Instrumental)

Dick's second recording of the Stan Jones classic. As in his live shows, Dick stretched the guitar solo intro for too long. The track sound is thick and indistinct. Not very interesting. I like his original Capitol session better, but it's still good.

Fish Taco dotdotdot
Not (Instrumental)

Dick's third recording of "Mexico," and on the same CD as the second. That takes guts. Different, a bit better better.

California Sun dot
Not (Vocal)

The version on the Back To The Beach soundtrack is better.

Maria Elena dotdot
Pop (Instrumental)

An ancient standard from at least the fifties. Didn't Los Indio Tabajaras have a hit with this?

Hava Nagila dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

Dick's second recording of this classic Jewish wedding song, modernized from his Capitol session, but not necessarily improved. More powerful but not as charming.

The Beast dot
Not (Instrumental)

An endlessly repeated riff.

Unknown Territory dotdotdot
Not (Instrumental)

The fourth version of "The Victor." It's cool with it's choppy rhythmic structure. Slow, tortured, and different, with plenty of intensity... just too slow!

Ring Of Fire dot
Not (Vocal)

Oh man! Has Dick lost his cookies? Johnny Cash could carry this off. Dick can not. It's a sad track.