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Daikaiju - S/Tdotdotdotdot
artworkThis is the official CD release of Daikaiju's debut album. They are a very artful instrumental group, writing sophisticated and very listenable music, playing like they mean it, and capturing the listener. There are a few parallels to Monster Pete and the Chiefs at times, and many changes in each song. Adventurous instrumentals with hints of surf, reggae, rock, ska, and monsters. An excellent set of music.
Picks: Daikaiju Die, Attack Of The Crab Women, The Trouble With Those Mothra Girls, Sharkakhan, Showdown In Shinjuku, The Daikaiju Who Loved Me, Son Of Daikaiju, Incognito, Super X-9, Farewell To Monster Island

Track by Track Review

Daikaiju Die dotdotdotdot
Art Surf (Instrumental)

A big whammy extra chunky metronomic melody riff and beat drive this aggressive rocker home. It's a changing track with an odd second part that's way more melodic and inviting than the main body of the song. The third part is a grand double picked epic that could stand alone, as could the beautifully fluid fourth part. The end is the same arrangement as the beginning. Fine track.

Attack Of The Crab Women dotdotdot
Art Surf (Instrumental)

Aggressive and delicate, "Attack Of The Crab Women" sports a rolling drum beat and a disjointed melody riff that leaves you ill at ease. Very effective and interesting.

The Trouble With Those Mothra Girls dotdotdotdotdot
Art Surf (Instrumental)

It's hard to imagine, but "The Trouble With Those Mothra Girls" is kinda poppy for Daikaiju. It's heavy and sophisticated, and more rhythmic and melodic than many of their profoundly powerful songs. This is a great track with excellent arranging and playing. Dramatic, intricate, and multi textured.

Sharkakhan dotdotdotdot
Art Surf (Instrumental)

Bold and loud, "Sharkakhan" is an intense assault on anything loosely reminiscent of surf. Oh, it's aquatic and surf worthy alright. It's just gone way beyond the envelope. Quite powerful!

Showdown In Shinjuku dotdotdot
Art Surf (Instrumental)

Dramatic and thrashy, with angular spy ethics, "Showdown In Shinjuku" grates on the nerves of a calm afternoon, like a visit from the FBI.

The Daikaiju Who Loved Me dotdotdotdotdot
Art Surf (Instrumental)

"The Daikaiju Who Loved Me" is an eerie piece of music that opens with atmospheric Mediterranean references, but then launches into post ska rhythms and bounce. Almost poppy, it prances on the monitors with attractive speed and drive, and a melodic guitar line.

Son Of Daikaiju dotdotdot
Art Surf (Instrumental)

Not a shred of delicacy as they pump out this hard driving number. Pure intensity! Not melodic, just assaultive.

Incognito dotdotdotdot
Art Surf (Instrumental)

Delicate precision playful picking and a bouncy rockin' beat... "Incognito" is fun and sports fine writing. It swirls around a riff in circular patterns. Delicate damped plucking thrashing a playful riff in the same way that Monster Pete and the Chiefs can, Daikaiju drive this happy excursion home with energy and smiles. Totally enjoyable!

Super X-9 dotdotdot
Art Surf (Instrumental)

Drama and pumpin' energy with a grindy assaultive sound. "Super X-9" is fast and in your mug all the way. It relentlessly holds on to you through out.

Farewell To Monster Island dotdotdotdotdot
Art Surf (Instrumental)

Soft and delicate guitar lines open "Farewell To Monster Island." They yield to damped reverbed notes over a reggae beat that's entirely cool. This playful song is a mighty fine track indeed. Fluid and well thought out, with a blend of several disparate styles. Exceptional!