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Daikaiju - The Phasing Spider Menace [remixed and expanded]dotdotdotdot
artworkThis expanded and remixed version of the The Phasing Spider Menace [remixed and expanded] CD is very powerful, and includes three tracks recorded live at Crossroads, Huntsville, AL, on November 30, 2001. There are also three video tracks as well.
Picks: The Phasing Spider Menace, Choujikuu Mitsukai, The Final Phase, Rising Up From The Depths Of Time, Sharkakhan, The Final Phase, Son Of Daikaiju, Incognito

Track by Track Review

The Phasing Spider Menace dotdotdotdotdot
Art Surf (Instrumental)

Manic pick action all over the guitar portrays a desperate attempt to escape The Phasing Spider Menace. Powerful and exotic in the rarefied sense. Scary sci-fi ethics and grumbly rumble. Very cool.

Choujikuu Mitsukai dotdotdotdot
Art Surf (Instrumental)

Dramatic chords and ice flow chills, with a dangerous and menacing melody line. This is powerful in a film score kinda way, with glissandos for good measure.

The Final Phase dotdotdotdot
Art Surf (Instrumental)

Fuzzoidal danger rising over feedback ridge on its way down the tribal highway to ever more. Spooky, powerful, and scary.

Rising Up From The Depths Of Time dotdotdotdotdot
Art Surf (Instrumental)

The howling rises from the cold darkness of the underworld in a prog-like state of artful sounds. Once the fast pound comes, it's quite overpowering, but it eventually gives way to flowing artrock. Some fine writing, sophisticated imagery, and dramatic art run through this suite of intense and atmospheric movements. Some parts remind me of the Mermen, others of the Fillmore. Quite a fine track!

Sharkakhan dotdotdotdot
Art Surf (Instrumental)

Bold and loud, "Sharkakhan" is an intense assault on anything loosely reminiscent of surf. Oh, it's aquatic and surf worthy alright. It's just gone way beyond the envelope. Quite powerful!

The Final Phase dotdotdotdotdot
Art Surf (Instrumental)

Wow, this is Huge and frightening! Insidious overt danger overpowers... Thunder and feedback! Brash yet subtle, this is amazing!

Son Of Daikaiju dotdotdot
Art Surf (Instrumental)

Not a shred of delicacy as they pump out this hard driving number. Pure intensity! Not melodic, just assaultive.

Incognito dotdotdotdot
Art Surf (Instrumental)

Shredding rhythmic power thrash assault... great drums, intense nervous energy, and huge sound! Egads!