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Daddy A Go Go - Mojo A Go Godotdotdot
artworkMojo A Go Go is the fourth volume of twang from the fertile mind of John Boydston. The projects started as a way to present music to his kids, and soon enough became a wonderful mix of kid rock and fun twang. Just three instros this time out, only one of which meets the twang requirement, but as before, Daddy A Go Go have created a wonderful slab of prepubescent music using the ever-enticing beat of rock and roll to deliver wholesome entertainment. This is high quality stuff.
Picks: Linus and Lucy, Are We Not Mensch?, Every Single Song

Track by Track Review

Linus and Lucy dotdotdot
Kid Rock (Instrumental)

Most rock 'n' roll covers of Vince Guaraldi's "Linus and Lucy" came in an essentially surf package. Daddy A Go Go do a more basic sixties garage band rock version with organ and a solid beat. Quite fun.

Are We Not Mensch? dotdotdot
Kid Twang (Instrumental)

This is actually a pretty twangy instro with a genuinely catchy riff. Rich and fun, with a surfable twang and solid beat. A bit of vibrato shimmer and wah wah coolness adds an edge of late sixties psych, giving "Are We Not Mensch?" an evolving and enjoyable sound.

Every Single Song dotdotdot
Acoustic Kid Rock (Instrumental)

"Every Single Song" is an acoustic track that sounds like a backtrack. Tis a pleasant way to end another great volume of music for minors.