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Daddy A Go Go - Monkey In The Middledotdotdotdot
artworkAlbum two for Daddy A Go-Go with more homemade songs for kids from John Boydston and a couple of friends. John was looking for some good music for his kids, couldn't find what he wanted, and decided to make his own. The last CD was cool, and this is no less so. Great subject matter from a kid's point of view, and excellent music as well. Three surf instros grace the disc as well.
Picks: Got Milk (If You Want It), Song For A Rainy Day, You're Not The Bossa Nova Me

Track by Track Review

Got Milk (If You Want It) dotdotdotdot
Kid Surf (Instrumental)

A fine surfable tune from the pen and guitar of John Boydston. "Got Milk (If You Want It)" is a solid tune, driving the road to a day at the beach. You can almost see the anticipation on the kids' faces as they squirm in the back seat. Most enjoyable.

Song For A Rainy Day dotdotdotdot
Kid Surf (Instrumental)

"Song For A Rainy Day" sports vibrato twang, friendly sounds, and a warm melody. Optimistic, very surfable, and twangy enough for the big guitar sound as well. Excellent!

You're Not The Bossa Nova Me dotdotdotdot
Kid Surf (Instrumental)

Great twang and a catchy riff make this hard to forget. It's both fluid and slightly countrified. Vibrato, rich tone, and pictures of a desert drive in a '62 Caddy almost outta gas. What a great way to spend an afternoon, unless you're headed for Red Rock West.