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Collection: Wowsville!dotdot
artworkWith the exception of The Spinners' "Boomerang" and Jan Davis' "Fugitive," this is a really weak collection.
Picks: Jan Davis - Fugitive, The Spinners - Boomerang, The Viscounts - Night Flight

Track by Track Review

The Dave S. Trio - Devil's Daughter dot

This is really a dreadful track. The band is not tight, the arrangement is over trite, except for the accordion lead. Primitive is the operative work.

Jan Davis - Fugitive dotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

Among Jan Davis' best singles, "Fugitive" is more surf and fluid than just about any version of this song from sixties. Tight, with great drums, and exceptionally good guitar licks for a studio session, this track merits more than a casual listen.

The Mark V - Night Rumble Part 1 dot

Aside from the kettle drum, "Night Rumble Part 1" is little more than a relentless riff with occasional organ separations. Issued on ABC 10433 (Night Rumble Part 1 c/w Night Rumble Part 2)

Duke Mitchell - The Lion dotdot
Rock (Instrumental)

"The Lion" is a rudimentary jam with a sax lead and chatter about Livingston and a lying lion. This is actually The Spinners "Boomerang" with narrative overdubbed. Ho hum. Released on Crystalette 743 (The Lion c/w Strike) (1961).

The Original Starfires - Camel Walk dotdot

This is an interesting single, but nothing at all like The Saxons' song, or for that matter hinting of the Orient. "Camel Walk" is a riff and a raspy sax. Issued on Apt 45-25030.

The Spinners - Boomerang dotdotdot

This is virtually identical to Duke Mitchell's "The Lion," except that it's undubbed. That makes it cooler for sure. This is the flip of Crystalette 736 (Boomerang c/w Slave Chain) (1960)

The Viscounts - Night Flight dotdotdotdot
Bachelor Pad (Instrumental)

Exotic percussion and moody bass work, beatnik cadence, and suave womanizing... all the elements of a bachelor pad film of the late sixties. Excellent.