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Collection: Wildsville!dotdot
artworkA couple of cool tracks amid a sea of so-so weirdness.
Picks: The Knockouts - Riot In Room 3C, Travis Wammack - Distortion Part 1

Track by Track Review

The Hollywood Hurricanes - Beavershot dotdot
Strip Rock (Instrumental)

One of many tunes from the early sixties with "beaver" in the title. You have to remember it was the beginning of the free speech movement, and euphemism was the only way to get product out when the subject was sex. Low down and grode, but without melody.

The Knockouts - Riot In Room 3C dotdotdot
Instrumental Rock (Instrumental)

This is so very Bo Diddley via the tremolo and slight speaker cone distortion. Infectious hand claps and chords, and a grand melody. Originally issued in 1959 on Shad 5013 as the b-side to the billboard hit "Darling Lorraine."

The Lifeguards - Everybody Out'ta The Pool dotdotdot
Rock (Instrumental)

Alright, chillun, outta the pool! It's a slowed down "Guitar Boogie Shuffle" with plinking piano and shouts of "Everybody Outta The Pool" while the whistle blows. I think this is a Sloan-Barri project. Originally issued on ABC Paramount 10021 (Everybody Out'a The Pool c/w Teenage Tango) (May 1959)

The Opposite Six - Church Key (Part 68) dotdotdot

This is a very garagy cover of The Revels' "Church Key." The organ pumps and the drums rock, while the lead guitar is muddy in the mix. Originally issued on Westco 7 as by David Cooper and the Continentals (Morro Bay), and later reissued on South Shore 720 (Church Key, Pt. 68 c/w Continental Surf)

The Rockets - Cave Man Love

Mostly instrumental, "Cave Man Love" is a dismissible riff rocker in the fifties studio session mold.

Big Johnny Taylor - Money, Money dotdot

Great trembling guitar from Big Johnny Taylor plays the rhythm riff similar to Barrett Strong's "Money." Pure riff rockin', unchanging progression rock, with sax added. Kinda cool in a low brow sort of way.

The T-Birds - Wild Stomp dot

Stompin' tom toms and a sax riff. This sure doesn't sound like it's 1963, but that's when "Wild Stomp" was originally issued on Gone G-5141 (Wild Stomp c/w Soft Smoke).

Travis Wammack - Distortion Part 1 dotdotdot

A really bad British accent introduces a Travis Wammack track with very cool bass work and a solid beat. Wammack's signature fuzz is in full swing, and distant reverbed harmonica a la The Rolling Stones adds a not to the British Invasion. Quite fun. Originally issued on ARA 209 (Distortion Part 1 c/w I Ain't Lying) (February 1965)