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Collection: Where The Cats Are Rockin' (Rockabilly and Surf Promo Sampler)dotdotdot
artworkThis promo CD-R is intended to introduce DJ's and reviewers to the labels stable of artists. 4 instros, including some surf, reside among the high quality traditional rockabilly tracks from Peter and the Rebel Wolves, the L. I. Hornets, Ralph Rebel, and the Spinouts.
Picks: Half Pipe, Surf Fever 2000, Sabre Jet, Side Slippin'

Track by Track Review

Half Pipe dotdotdot
Rockabilly (Instrumental)

"Half Pipe" is a rockabilly instro that's almost identical to a Duane Eddy tune I can't quite place. Infectious and fun, and very well played, this has a measure of splash amidst it's cactus roots.

Surf Fever 2000 dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

Amidst screams and pounding drums lies a plaintiff riff and ringing chords. This progression based piece has more than its share of energy. High powered angst surf.

Sabre Jet dotdotdot
Rockabilly (Instrumental)

"Church Key" twang sets up this instro heavily influenced by the Central Coast sound of bands like the Revels and Duane Eddy's "Moovin' n' Groovin'." Lots of unpretentious fun.

Side Slippin' dotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

This track has a very warm tone, round and very pleasing. The melody floats off of the guitar, remaining in your memory long after the track ends. Parts of the melody line are derived from "Blue Moon," but overall, this is an original and very pretty piece. Really nice.