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Collection: Twist In Der DDRdotdotdot
artworkThis is an interesting glimpse into the world of pop rock in Germany before the rise of so-called Krautrock. Most of this is forgettable, but there are three instros to temp you. No surf.
Picks: Miroslav Kefurt - Pauken-Twist, Die Sputniks - Gitarren-Twist, Sputniks Thema

Track by Track Review

Miroslav Kefurt - Pauken-Twist dotdotdot
Deutsche Schlager (Instrumental)

Slightly on the restrained gritty side, this song is very unusual melodically, and quite tame aurally. "Pauken-Twist" is sort of poppy, with guitar somewhat inspired by Les Paul, and gimmicky kettle drums.

Orchester Guenter Gollasch and Die Vier Collins - Wenn Sie Mich So Anseh'n dotdot
Deutsche Schlager (Instrumental)

Yeah, faux guitar with chumpy, light weight horns. Some double picked guitar lines in the bridges keep this from being totally dismissible.

Die Sputniks - Gitarren-Twist dotdotdot
Euro-Rock Instro (Instrumental)

There's nothing "twist" in the beat or rhythm, but it is a spunky number with a fifties-like riff structure. Great drums in the break simply rage.

Die Sputniks - Sputniks Thema dotdotdot
Euro (Instrumental)

Fast Shadows / Atlantics track, with total tom-tom action, and an infectious melody. A very nice Euro guitar track.