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Collection: Turkish Delightsdotdotdotdot
artworkAs you might guess, this collection focuses on rock from Turkey. Dates range from 1965 to 1971, and styles include beat, psychedelic, garage, and near surf. 6 instros of considerable note are among some very interesting and exotic mostly psych vocals. Quite and adventure!
Picks: Cem Karaca ve Apaslar - Sans Cocugu, Beybonlar - Nenni, Haramiler - Camlica Yolunda, Mavi Isiklar - Tamzara, Anadolu Oyun Havasi, Erkin Koray - Cicek Dagi

Track by Track Review

Cem Karaca ve Apaslar - Sans Cocugu dotdotdotdot
Psychedelic Surf (Instrumental)

Apaslar was born of the Ventures and Shadows tradition, but quickly evolved into their own space. "Sans Cocugu" is loaded with tweaky reverbed guitar trickery and effects, but also sports a solid melody line and backtrack. This 1968 track is definitely psychedelic in nature, yet clearly displays its surf/instro roots. Very cool track.

Beybonlar - Nenni dotdotdotdot
Psychedelic (Vocal)

This is one heavy psych instro. After close to 30 seconds of a baby crying, the song suddenly erupts with a heavy lumbering beat and lightly wah-wah'd guitar, which plays a middle eastern trance melody line. This is hallucinogenic, like a backwash to a late sixties drug den scene in a B-movie. Intense and pretty cool. The poor mix has the drums too up front, but in some ways that adds to the disorientation effect.

Haramiler - Camlica Yolunda dotdotdotdot
Psychedelic Surf (Vocal)

Haramiler employ glissando's and a thumpy surf structure to backup an almost carnival keyboard and guitar lead tradeoff. Chunky and way out on a limb, "Camlica Yolunda" is quite an adventure, with soaring guitar which reminds me of Tripsichord Music Box merged with surf. Very cool.

Mavi Isiklar - Tamzara dotdotdot
Psychedelic Beat (Vocal)

This is a rhythmic instro exercise in beat and evolving psych, with a Ventures go-go period guitar sound. "Tamzara" thumps and pumps, and sports a melodic lead line, shared by guitar, sax, and a carnival organ. Very fun track.

Cem Karaca ve Apaslar - Anadolu Oyun Havasi dotdotdotdot
Psychedelic Surf (Vocal)

Great surf guitar twangs a delightful Turkish melody over a very solid backtrack. Totally infectious and fun, with echoed guitar and exotic riffs. I love this!

Erkin Koray - Cicek Dagi dotdotdotdot
Psychedelic Surf (Vocal)

"Cicek Dagi" is a pretty instro with a surf feel as viewed through the veils of time. Interesting and adventurous, and on the edges of surf where only the brave ride the curl.