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Collection: Time Machinedotdotdot
artworkAn aptly titled collection of garage and surf/instro tracks from the past decade+ in Canada. The vocals are mostly pretty strong tracks in the snotty 60's punk mold, and worth a spin on their own. I own most of the original releases, and still like 'em. The instros are also cool, with the majority being inspired and cool.
Picks: Fuzz Aldrin - Trailer Park Quarantine, The Astronuts - Montezuma, The Mongols - Nautiloid Reef, Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet - Bennett Cerf, The Surfdusters - The Reef

Track by Track Review

Fuzz Aldrin - Trailer Park Quarantine dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

What a guy! Not fuzzy, but quite a surfy instro with a cool lead line. The gentle double picking is backed by stinging whammified second guitar accents. Very nice!

The Astronuts - Montezuma dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

A simple surf riff with TV haunting vocalizations punctuating the tune like the way gimmicky records were made in the sixties. I could do without the voice work, but the tune is nice.

Huevos Rancheros - Raunchy dotdot
Raw Link Wray Garage Rock (Instrumental)

"Raunchy" just doesn't work without a sax or a second guitar...

The Lost Patrol - Comanche dotdotdot
Garage Fuzz (Instrumental)

Another ancient track, and a cover that's been done to death by a load of bad bands with boom boxes and attitudes. This is among the better versions, decently recorded and played. It's just not particularly inspired.

The Mongols - Nautiloid Reef dotdotdotdot
Garage Surf (Instrumental)

From about a decade ago, this great band delivers an inspired version of the surf obscuro from the Nautiloids. This version is better than the original. It's not reverby, but the surf feel is there, and the slight vibrato plus occasional feedback makes it great! Solid performance, and satisfying listening.

Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet - Bennett Cerf dotdotdot
Post Surf (Instrumental)

An ancient track from an early single and album. Their early work was more song oriented, less quick hook that goes undeveloped. This is pre-Kids In The Hall theme ("Having An Average Weekend"), and is pretty nice. Hints of surf, but not too.

The Surfdusters - The Reef dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

A very surfy number from Canada's leading exponent of the surf sound. A simple lead line over a trad bed delivers a pleasing surf track for sure.

The Treblemakers - The Grudge dotdotdot
Garage Surf (Instrumental)

A great band recorded ambiently with PZM's, or so it sounds. Too bad, because the performance is great. For $50, they coulda recorded it properly. I hope a CD is coming soon. They are a good band from what I can tell, and they seem to have a buzz beginning.