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Collection: This Is Ecco-Fonicdotdotdot
artworkThis is a summary of the singles on the Ecco-Fonic label, mostly in a vintage fifties country-rock vein, but also including some fine surf from Deke Dickerson.
Picks: This Is Ecco-Fonic, T. J. Tuck and Roll, Wounded Knee Polka, Big River Rag, Swingin' Into Outer Space, Diggin' It, Ha-So, Jumpin' Track, Del Scorcho, Asphalt Aisle, Midnight Swell, Mothers Worry, Burbank Bounce, Knucklehead Polka, Samoa

Track by Track Review

This Is Ecco-Fonic dotdot
Rock Boogie (Instrumental)

This vintage sounding track sports that fifties 15 ips tape echo and country pickin'. Very fun.

T. J. Tuck and Roll dotdot
Rock Boogie (Instrumental)

"T. J. Tuck and Roll" ("Tijuana Tuck and Roll") is a big Link Wray style number, with appropriately grindy fifties sound. Like "Rumble," but not quite as magical.

Wounded Knee Polka dotdot
Rock Boogie (Instrumental)

Backwoods sound and fury, lap steel whining, bumpkin' pluckin', and plenty of that charm R. Crumb and his Cheap Suit Orchestra delivered on his first 78.

Big River Rag dotdot
Rock Boogie (Instrumental)

Barn dancin' pluckery in the style of the late forties/early fifties. Rhythmic and movin'.

Swingin' Into Outer Space dotdotdot
Rock Boogie (Instrumental)

Deke Dickerson goes for the fifties boogie outer space fears sound, and hits it square on. Lots of fun.

Diggin' It dotdotdot
Rock Boogie (Instrumental)

Really nice country pickin' with that goofy good ol' boy charm and thin Chet Atkins kinda sound.

Ha-So dotdotdot
Oriental Boogie (Instrumental)

This alternate take is very cool. It's in that stereotypical oriental rock vein, and while that's true, this is fresh and fun, with a groovy motion and too cute hook.

Jumpin' Track dotdot
Railroad Boogie (Instrumental)

In the tradition of country railroad songs, this boogie gently swings and rolls down those iron tracks.

Del Scorcho dotdotdot
Railroad Boogie (Instrumental)

Big tribal drums pulverize the silence, with upright bass and gutty guitar. There's no melody, just a progression, but it sure does rock! Think Sandy Nelson when Jerry McGee was his road guitarist in '65.

Asphalt Aisle dotdotdot
Fifties Rock (Instrumental)

This pumpin' fifties rocker sports no shortage of edge and guts. Like a Link Wray kinda thing, it uses minimal riffs to the maximum effect. Grinding and vintage sounding.

Midnight Swell dotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

Hearkening back to his days with the Untamed Youth, Deke Dickerson plugs in the reverb for a thrilling ride on a glassy wall by moonlight. Fine dribbling double picked guitar and tribal drums.

Mothers Worry dotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

Hot rod's rev up, then the surf rages from the guitar of Deke Dickerson. Another solid rant from a fine guitarist. Urgent and first wave sounding, with glorious electric piano. Fast double picked tune with all the feel you need to get there, where ever there is. A great track, with lots of flair.

Burbank Bounce dotdot
Country (Instrumental)

fifties lap steel and soft guitar country swing, with charm and warmth.

Knucklehead Polka dotdot
Country (Instrumental)

Fast pickin' and infectious, with a soft brushed rhythm and friendly back porch feel.

Samoa dotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

A good performance of the Richie Podolor classic, aka "Quiet Surf." The treatment is somewhat unusual, with a lot of sustain and plenty of original filigrees. Big chords and a gentle feel round out a very good track.