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Collection: The Thingies Have Arriveddotdotdot
artworkThis compilation captures the Thingies, TR4, the Exotics, and some previously unreleased Morning Dew tracks. A good sixties vault purge issue with the one bonus surf track by TR4, who were a primitive local band with Link Wray influences, a little too much reverb, and muddy sound. They soon became the Thingies.
Picks: Surfin' T. R., I'm Going Ahead [early take]

Track by Track Review

Surfin' T. R. dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

Before they were the Thingies, they were TR4. This is a surfy jam, a progression with a bunch of reverb and too much tape delay echo on the master tape, leaving it with a muddy sound. Too bad, because it could have been quite a nice track. It is pretty powerful, and a solid surf romp with a dark underbelly.

I'm Going Ahead [early take] dotdotdot
Psychedelic (Instrumental)

This is a psych backtrack to one their earliest unreleased demos. It's entertaining enough to stand alone, and psych enough to swirl, but there's nor surf. It's just a solid swirling psych instro.