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Collection: That Thing That You Do [Soundtrack]dotdotdot
artworkThis film about a made up band with a made up Beatles-like history produced a mighty well done soundtrack full of mid-sixties pop stylings. Among the tracks are three instros, including one surf instro with great appeal.
Picks: Voyage Around The Moon, Shrimp Shack, Time To Blow

Track by Track Review

Voyage Around The Moon dotdotdotdot
Space Surf (Instrumental)

This is a splendid surf instro, with tasty guitar work and tight glissandoes. The organ is subtle enough, and the twang just right. It's mid tempo but well powered, clean and catchy. It's got the right moves and is quite smooth. Very nice.

Shrimp Shack dotdotdot
Frat (Instrumental)

While this is somewhat derivative, it's also quite well done. It sports great drums, raspy sax, and very cool frat sensibilities (as opposed to neighborhood frat band trash). Lots of fun, though no surf influences at all.

Time To Blow dotdotdot
Piano Bar (Instrumental)

This is an archetypal piano lounge jazz groove with lots of style and genre perfect cool. Fun, but unremarkable.