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Collection: Texas [A Collection Of Texas Garage Punkers]dotdotdot
artworkIf the picture of the bootleg bandit in the lumpy skin mask in front of his 2 track porta studio doesn't tell the story, then the bird-flip graphic on the disc will. This is a compilation of mostly garage bands on the punkier side of the aisle, without being hardcore. Their all from Texas. There are three instros here, two from Death Valley and one from the Counts.
Picks: Death Valley - Terminator (Herminator on label), Have Rocket Will Travel

Track by Track Review

The Counts - Phantom Rickshaw dotdot
Melody Free Zone (Instrumental)

Horrid recording of a moderately interesting repetitious tune. I suspect a decent recording would take some of the shun-factor off, but it needs a melody and more than one microphone.

Death Valley - Terminator (Herminator on label) dotdotdotdot
Spaghetti Western Shimmer (Instrumental)

Shimmering topdown driving spaghetti western crispy coolness. This is a great song, fun and makes you wanna drive down surf route 101 or across route 66 in your '56 Bird... if ya got got one. Damn fine song!

Death Valley - Have Rocket Will Travel dotdotdot
Desert Space Surf (Instrumental)

Moderately paced gently played dry guitar tune with clear Southwest desert and spaghetti western influences.